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3 October 1989
Boone, North Carolina, United States
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acupuncture, animal rights, animal welfare, beaches, being happy, being healthy, black fingernails, blue skys, books, brokeback mountain, candy and potter, charlotte, christina aguilera, chuck, college, dan millman, doctor who, elie wiesel, emma watson, fashion, food shopping, freddie mercury, friends, fringe, gandhi, going green, good days, green, green tea, happiness, harry potter, healthy, holism, holistic health, hot fuzz, hotels, india.arie, indie movies, interstitial cystitis, intj, ipods, jesus, jon stewart, joss stone, kelly clarkson, livejournal, lost, martin luther king, meg cabot, men, mika, movies, mumford & sons, music, nights in, nights out, north carolina, pacifism, peace, politics, pop culture, positive attitude, pride and prejudice, pro-choice, queen, reading, sex pistols, skinny, sleeping in, smiling, soccer, spring, star trek voyager, staying fit, stephen colbert, summertime, sunday mornings, sunny days, supernatural, swimming, tanning, the avett brothers, the carolina panthers, the clash, the colbert report, the daily show, the kills, the notebook, thin, true blood, vacation, vampire weekend, vegan, veganism, water, weekends, xtina
Allie. 22. Sustainable Development major, geology minor. GF locavore. Bookworm. Health nut. INTJ.

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