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The China Study: Read please!

Everyone. Everyone, needs to read this book. It has had such a profound effect on how I look at food and preventative medicine. I cannot think of a more responsive and important subject matter for personal health than this book. If ever you wanted a reason to persuade yourself into a cleaner, healthier lifestyle, it would be this book. I have found it to be one of the most motivating books I've read. Whether you completely agree with it or not, the evidence and scientific reasoning stands on it's ow and for that, I very much enjoyed this book.
Don't let the scientific nature itself deter you from reading it, either. The prose is broken down into very easily digestible parts (pun totally intended :P) and is clearly outlined. Please, please, please, check this out from the library or buy at a local bookstore. I think everyone should have this knowledge in their back pocket since our government will simply not fully acknowledge these findings (much of this, in my opinion, comes from very large corporations would be significantly, financially hurt if it was enforced by the government.)
Anyways, I'll hop off my bandwagon now :P.